Registration is a mandatory requirement to BUY-SELL-AUCTION on This includes listing products and buying.

Buyers will need to be pre-registered with a Stripe account to purchase. Stripe is fast and easy to set up, the process takes no time at all and simply the best. Payments are split by Stripe at the time they receive the funds from the buyer with receiving our small commission at the same time you receive your payment. You receive a full statement of all deposits showing the commission payment.

Pay close attention to Do you want to become a Seller/Vendor. The default is NO, if you ever want to be able to sell on the site you must check Yes.

Registration as a Vendor requires additional information. The application requires approval from the Administration before you will be able to sell on This process is intended to filter out sellers whom do not belong. We all want to do business with people that know our business we can count on and trust.

Vendors will also need to ensure they are set up to receive payments via Stripe before listing products. It is very simple and takes about 20 minutes to be able to accept payments directly through the site directly into your bank account! Stripe even separates out the sites commission which also includes the Stripe fees like any other CC transaction.

Vendors please note the Shop URL or name cannot be an offsite website address, your application will not be approved. The name registered here will appear on all adds and correspondence on

It is recommended vendors complete the additional information requested for faster approval.

When you register with us you automatically agree to the Code of Ethics, Policies, Disclaimers and Guidelines contained on our site.