We strive to make selling and buying on Surplusautoparts.ca a breeze. To do either you must register on the site. Both start with the same form as mentioned in our registration help. Please ensure you have reviewed our guidelines and policies in the following links before listing on Our site.

    Code of Ethics

    Listing Pictures Guidelines & Instructions

    Listing Types details & Guidelines

    Product Conditions Descriptions & Guidelines

    Shipping Guidelines & Procedures

    Returns Information & Guidelines

    Terms and Conditions


    Please also remember we are always open to creating new categories upon request as well as modifying structure of the categories if requested and it makes sense to us. You do that here.

    Request a Category

    If at any time you encounter a broken link or any other problem on our site in its functionality we want to hear from you and rectify it ASAP!

    Report a Problem

    Once you have registered and been approved to sell on Surplusautoparts.ca the next step is to list your product. That is also very easy and can be done several different ways.

  1. Simply click on START SELLING NOW at the top of our Home Page beside the search bar.
  2. Simply click on SELL at the very top of the Home Page
  3. Sign into your VENDOR DASHBOARD and click on the grey Add Product button
  4. Click Products on the left side detail bar of your VENDOR DASHBOARD and then Add Products

With the launch of surpluselectrical.com there will be a new dropdown enabling you to list on one or both sites!

As you can see it is easy to list products with several different ways to get to the Product Listing Page. For further details when listing products please see Detailed Selling for additional tips and help.

One thing we recommend doing is before you list anything on the add product page ensure you click SET PRODUCT DEFAULT SETTINGS. This will enable you to set many defaults like warranty terms and conditions etc. At any time if you are switching types of listings or product lines etc. you can easily go back and adjust these in just a couple minutes. This feature will save you hours of time!

Good luck, we sincerely hope you enjoy your experience and meet your goals utilizing Surplusautoparts.ca!