As we have many conditions etc. on our site for listing products the mass upload is somewhat complex. Every one of those conditions is another column on the spreadsheet or CSV file. Although complex it is quite doable. If you are transferring a database onto our database it is the way to go. If you are building a database or warehouse on our site it will be just as fast or even faster to utilize our features including PRODUCT LISTING DEFAULTS to build your warehouse. Need help to do a large transfer, we can help.

The best way to go about it is to load a section or product line at a time. Enter one in and download the CSV file. Add all the others to match that specific product line and upload the file again. Keep repeating this process to get them all on.

If you do have the capability to export your listings in CSV file format we are providing several of YouTube links for your education, help and use. We have recently added MASS UPLOAD to your admin panel which vastly simplifies this entire process and makes it much simpler. Ensure you sign up for our newsletter as we are continually adding new Plugins and extensions as well as doing more customizations to make your experience simple and easy.

Remember we are always here to help, if you have many product listings you need to get from another site onto ours we can help. If it is a large and complex and something we cannot handle in house, we will get our developers to look after you at our expense.

Maybe we build an API to link our platforms? Our experienced and professional development team can handle anything!

We are always here to help you meet or exceed your goals and expectations!