Listing Types Details & Guidlines

We have 3 types of listings or ways in which to sell products on our Marketplace. We believe these 3 types of listings will provide what is required to satisfy all types of Clients needs. If the need arises for another type of listing and we receive enough requests, we may change it up and add or maybe even delete one type if it is not being used.

  1. Buy It Now Priced Items

    • These items are not up for negotiation on the price. The listed price along with the listings conditions for pickup or shipping constitute the overall cost of the purchase.
  1. Buy It Now with Best Offer

    • These items have a price and the Vendor or seller is open to offers. We recommend utilizing this listing type as it provides the ability to offer buyers discounts on bulk purchases and it is also very easy to adjust and sell for a negotiated price. Offers will expire in 48 hours and the Vendor may at any time respond to the offer or ignore it. He can receive multiple offers during that time or someone may pay full price and buy it out from under you even while an offer is still valid. The Vendor may at any time accept any offer which would make all other offers invalid. The accepted price along with the listings conditions for pickup or shipping constitute the overall cost of the purchase. If you like the price and do not want to lose the item due to making an offer simply buy it at the full listed price. There is also an option to add notes to offers, refusals or counteroffers!
  1. Auction Items

    • The Auction items will have the amount of time left counting down on the listing. The listing can be listed for one week or two. You may have a starting bid, once the starting bid is met there is no reserve. If a starting bid has not been added to the listing it is simply a non-reserve auction. This is particularly a great way to ensure you are getting rid of whatever it is you are listing. The terms and conditions for shipping of auction items may quite often be as is where is or shipping at the expense of the buyer. They may of course have other shipping options depending on the needs of the Vendor.
    • Easily convert regular listings into auction items. If they don’t sell in the auction convert them back to a regular listing after the auction.

We also have request a product on the dropdown menus now. This IS NOT FOR SELLING but is to request a product that is required.