There are so many businesses that can benefit from Surplusautoparts.ca, the possibilities and market is endless. The autoparts industry is a key component of everything as we all need to eat! Ideas that can be of benefit to everyone in the autoparts industry are almost limitless. We have done our best to explain the benefits and enhancements our platforms have to offer our industry but are certain many new and creative ideas will come from our users it will be a challenge to keep up! Here are a few ideas and suggestions how our platforms can enhance your everyday autoparts business.

Reduce, reuse and recycle, support the circular economy! Be an Environmental Steward by reselling many products that may have just otherwise ended up in a landfill or sitting in a field. One mans surplus is another man’s treasure!

  • Manufacturer’s surplus, B-stock, project cancellations, equipment or maybe selling your new products with Canada wide construction industry specific exposure.
  • Manufacturers from many sectors may be able to source products and equipment on our site.
  • Agents in our industry may have the need to sell off surplus, demo equipment, B-stock or a cancelled project order. Agents may also have new products to sell and represent on our site.
  • Distributors always have aging surplus stock, B-stock, project cancellations or maybe even selling of pallets of warranty returns for parts. Maybe source new products to sell and represent or market new and existing products to the industry Canada Wide. Construction industry workers and contractors will use our site for availability and pricing of new products as well as surplus and used.
  • The many types of farmers in Canada always need products and have products to sell.
  • Surplus new and used dealers gain access to a Canada wide network. Most in the past have only focused on large ticket items and throw away tons of good Surplus autoparts products every year. Now there is an opportunity to sell these products in bulk on our large lot section to autoparts’s many types of operators who can utilize these products. Surplus dealers will have access to many more products and the opportunity to expand upon their existing offerings and inventories. Canada wide exposure to thousands of autoparts industry specific customers and sellers.
  • Facility and Plant owners are constantly upgrading and changing. For plant owners on a budget there will be many products to choose from. Maybe you have some decommissioned materials or equipment that are no longer required? Maybe you need to build up your spare parts selection for some older equipment? Locate that rare hard to find part fast and get your facility back online. Maybe you need some equipment decommissioned and removed from you plant to make way for new equipment?
  • Farmers large and small can benefit from Surplusautoparts.ca. Large farmers may have a c-can of leftovers after a new project and just want them gone, a small farmer may have a need for all those products and the time to sort and use them. Need to downsize, upsize? Farmers always have materials and equipment being upgraded and are also looking for products and equipment every day. The site will also feature new products from manufacturers, agents, distributors and many other industry specific vendors. There is an opportunity to start your own marketplace and turn the products you are removing into cash. Maybe you need to buy some used products or equipment for a client on a budget, or maybe you join our platform for leads to expand your business? The possibilities are endless!
  • Maybe you are financing an autoparts operator and need to do a complete dispersal of assets, yes, we can help with that as well. Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out what we can do for you. We will always help find the right solution. It is far better to have an industry expert help rather than just another receiver that does not understand the value of goods or the complexity of the industry.