Auction Guidelines

Canada’s #1 Multivendor Autoparts Industry Auction Site Guidelines

We usually run a monthly auction that runs for 72 hours per product. The auction may last longer than three days depending on the number of items.

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Self managed auction site by the vendors or sellers, buyers and sellers are from all across Canada!

All vendors are welcome to utilize the service with no additional fees, vendors are all pre-approved to utilize our auction services.

Bidding open to all registered buyers, no pre-approval required for buyers. Anyone causing issues such as non payment will be permanently banned from our sites.

Automated payments system for all major credit cards directly to the seller’s account.

Automated shipping quotes, weigh bills and pickup scheduling directly from your vendor profile dashboard.

Minimum starting bid option available for sellers listing products.

Timer resets to 10 minutes when bids are placed in the last 10 minutes!

Buyer dashboard has your favorites and bid items for quick access in the menus located on the left side of your buyer’s dashboard.

Buyer dashboard has your favorites and bid items for quick access in the menus located on the left side of your buyer’s dashboard.

Vendors can convert regular products or add new products for the next auction at any time, if the next scheduled auction is in 24 hours or less the listing will be held over for the next auction.

You can list bulk lots of items or individual items, there is a section for everything.

Our standard terms and conditions all still apply to each auction item as well as for all vendors and Buyers. These will also include but are not limited to shipping or local pickup only options, product conditions and all other terms and conditions as well as our Code of Ethics.

Ensure you pay attention as to where the items are listed when purchasing, do not assume you can just pick them up locally. That said however our vendors will ship all items they sell. Our site is multivendor, we have sellers or vendors all across Canada. Our buyers may also be from anywhere in Canada or the thousands of other places the web reaches.

Auction items will start and end with a 3-minute starting gap. Therefore, items will continue to add every 3 minutes and then will end in 48 hours every 3 minutes. All items run for 72 hours between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM MST. Therefore, new items come online all day for the first day or 2 days of each auction depending on how many items there are. There are 160 listings per 8-hour day.

Please note when bidding if there are 6 items for that product your bid is 6 times the quantity of items and you must take them all.

Vendors can easily convert and schedule items for an auction from the product page. If the item does not sell it can also be converted back. When converting back to a regular listing you must do it from your auction items page and you will be in full edit mode the same as when you originally list the product. ENSURE you use the dropdown to reselect the type of listing when reloading it as a regular product and adjust pricing etc!